Quick Business Management Tips for nonprofits, churches, and tax exempt organizations.


Test Your Nonprofit Knowledge

Posted 5/27/2019

Free |  Quick  |  Confidential quiz to test you knowledge about nonprofit organizations. 

1-Minute Business Management Tips

Posted 5/25/2019

Want to be a more successful, effective & fulfilled manager? Try these 1-minute or less tips!

Board Effectiveness Evaluation

Posted 5/20/2019

Free |  Quick  |  Confidential evaluation tool to assist you and your fellow board members to begin looking closer at issues that directly impact Board of Directors' performance and the overall success of the organization.  

Church Income Taxes

Posted 5/15/2019

Dear NPLI Management Solutions,

Is our church required to pay state or federal income taxes?

Should our church apply for IRS 501c3?

Posted 5/2/2019

Ever wondered why a church would want to apply for the IRS 5013 or what consequences they should consider before applying? In this brief yet very informative video, NPLI Management Solutions gives a detailed explanation regarding this issue.  

Test Your Small Business Knowledge

Posted 4/30/2019

Free |  Quick  |  Confidential quiz to test your knowledge about small businesses. 

Difference Between LLC, Corp, Sole Proprietorship, etc

Posted 4/15/2019

Dear NPLI Management Solutions,I started a sole proprietorship around 15 years ago and closed it about a year later.  I’m thinking about starting a new company.  Can you explain the differences between the different legal business types (LLC, Inc., sole proprietorship, etc.)?

IRS or SOS. Which one is scarier?

Posted 3/29/2019

Dear NPLI Management Solutions – During our last board meeting, we engaged in a healthy debate.  About half of us are certain the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is much scarier for our nonprofit than the Secretary of State.  The other half of us believe it’s the Secretary of State which we should be much more concerned about.  So…which is scarier?

Notices in the mail. What’s real? What’s not? And how to tell the difference.

Posted 3/15/2019

Dear NPLI Management Solutions, I received an official looking notice in the mail requesting our nonprofit, church, business, etc. to pay a fee for labor posters, corporate minutes, officers statement or corporate compliance.  Are we required to pay? Why? or why not?

{TEST} Are You Grant Ready?

Posted 2/28/2019

Free |  Quick  |  Confidential test to determine if your organization is ready to apply for grants.

When & How to Fire a Board Member

Posted 2/27/2019

Dear NPLI Management Solutions,

We are having problems with our 12-member Board of Directors.  The problems are actually with two members in particular.  Can we fire them and replace them with less troublesome members?

Employee Records – What to keep? For how long?

Posted 2/15/2019

Dear NPLI Management Solutions,

We’re running out of space for files.  We have a lot of personnel files for employees that are no longer employed with us.  Can we throw these files away or are we required to keep them for a certain period of time?

TEST – Management CPR

Posted 1/18/2019

Free |  Quick  |  Confidential tool to explore the various areas and factors that most impact a person’s ability to be an effective, successful and fulfilled business owner, founder, or manager within a small company or organization. 

Executive Director/Manager Evaluation

Posted 1/18/2019

Free |  Quick  |  Confidential evaluation is designed to be a basic tool for others to use as a way to evaluate the job performance of an Executive Director or person in a similar managerial position.

I’m a Manager. What are my job duties?

Posted 1/17/2019

Dear NPLI Management Solutions,

I’m a manager with roughly 3 years’ experience; however, much of my time has been spent with employee issues and dealing with customers.  Now that things are beginning to calm down, I’m now wondering how am I supposed to spend my work time.  What exactly are the regular duties of a manager working in a small-to-mid size company?

Illegal Interview Questions

Posted 1/15/2019

Dear NPLI Management Solutions,

What are the interview questions that I am not allowed to ask job applicants?

TEST – Contractor or Employee?

Posted 1/15/2019

Free |  Quick  |  Confidential test designed to be used by a business to determine if a worker is most likely an independent contractor (1099) or an employee (w-2).